Recent Updates

  • We are working on providing dust mite detection kits to our web site visitors.
  • The website has been given a new design and a logo.
  • The dust mites faq page was updated with new questions and answers.

About the Dust Mites Center

This web site was created with the mission of educating the misinformed and uneducated about the problems dust mites create and what can be done to combat them. The lack of dust mite related information, on the world wide web, prompted us to create an authority website where everyone could find answers to questions they have about dust mites.

We help educate users by providing timely news about allergies, dust mites and allergins with the aim of furthering educating web visitors past the confines of our web site. We also have prepared various articles and guides that not only educate; but they help users formulate solutions to remove dust mites from their home or organization.

The advertisements on this web site help us keep online monthly so we can keep informing the public about dust mites.