Dus Mites Don't Cause Asthma in Children?

A new study conducted by the Imperial College School of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London concludes, contrary to previous beliefs, that allergens have no significant impact in causing childhood asthma. The researchers did find that kids were more likely to suffer with asthma and other allergies if their biological father had inherited a predisposition to allergies or if the child is a first born.

Posted: November 26, 2007 | Click here for the full story | 28 comments


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Posted by: Connie | March 02, 2014

    My wife and I have similar prombels. She's allergic to mold and I'm allergic to dust mites and to olive trees which are prevalent in northern California where we lived near the ocean. Dust mites do not live in low humidity. You have to get the relative humidity lower than 40-50% in your home and workplace. Last year we took several week long trips to Colorado and found that after 3 days we felt great, and within hours of returning to California the old symptoms returned.We though of moving to Columbus but a four day trip there from Colorado caused my symptoms to return so we decided we had to go somewhere with very low humidity.Parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada are at high altitudes and have low humidity so no dust mites. We felt great in each of those areas.We moved to Colorado two months ago. We live south of Denver at about 7000 feet. The humidity in the house is about 25-40%. It's really great to feel good. Housing is very affordable here too.There are prombels though. The altitude can take a lot of time to get used to or a short time. It depends on your age and health. It's so dry here that you need to put moisturizer on yes even guys- and at this altitude white people need lots of sun screen. I'm told by doctors that most people get allergies to pollen in any new environment after about 3 years. It's common to have allergies to sage and grasses here. However the allergy season is relatively short. A respiratory specialist told me that due to the low temperatures 8 months of the year in Colorado Springs, even fleas don't thrive here.I think everyone has their own physical makeup to accomodate. Based on my experience, visit some places for a week or two before moving there.Hope this helps,Jim

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Posted by: Manu | March 01, 2014

    I would still worry about cats causing asthma to your kids. Don't believe everything you read. In other countries where animal testing is allowed, they conclude that animals do in fact bring disease, allergies, etc to children and humans. Of course we can't allow this information to leak out to North America. There is too much money to lose. Me of course I choose my children over animals.

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    thank gosh, you've let us know. I've been sick worrying that i might get asthma since my mother won't buy me the covers for my bed and because we low in money. Thank you soo much!

Posted by: Jen | July 12, 2008

    At the very least, this information is a bit more calming, because I don't have to worry too much about my cats causing allergies in my kids.

Posted by: Susan | September 28, 2007

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