Hypoallergenic Hotel Rooms For A Price?

Very slowly, but surely hotels are learning to recognize travelers who suffer from allergies brought on mold, dust mites, and smoke. This recognition by hotel operators is good, but hypoallergenic hotel rooms will come at an increased price to travelers.

Posted: December 22, 2007 | Click here for the full story | 46 comments


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    Oh. My. God.I have just spent a day at my desk (where the mite problem was the most servee. Not a single bite. Not one.This insecticide Bifenthrin may be the magic formula for me. I bought some this afternoon (Ortho Home Defense MAX) and I sprayed it just in the area of my desk and my desk chair, where I spend a lot of time and where I feel a lot of bites. This seems to be the center of the problem in my home. I normally feel free from bites in all other parts of my house but this place is just intense.You know what? NO BITES at all since I've been sitting here. Not a single one. Seriously people, go out and get some of this stuff. Today I bought a bottle in the Garden department at Wal Mart and also bought a spray-can in the Household department at Wal Mart. I came home and sprayed the spray-can stuff all over the area where I sit at the computer and usually feel like I'm being eaten to death by invisible bugs. Tonight I feel nothing. NOTHING! It is truly amazing after a few years of feeling this torture as normal.Also note that this particular flea/cockroach/insect product has absolutely no scent at all. It is amazing. It smells like nothing so they don't need to make it smell like Pine or anything. It just smells like nothing at all. I will never buy RAID Brand of anything ever again. This stuff is just amazing.Seriously. Everyone go and get some of this and let's all reply about whether it worked for them.Right now, I think I may have found my solution to my problem.Of course, while I have not talked about it here or in my previous post, you still do need to keep a clean house. And you, of course, need to keep things clean through all of these steps that I talk about. But even if it's dirty and your pets are covered in mites, this may still work for you.Just amazing.Also, you need to be treating your wounds from these awful pests. I have been using Sarna lotion (kind of expensive but very good) but you could also be using Caladryl Clear (or generic) to clear up your nasty bite areas and hope that it all returns to normal. Well it SHOULD return to normal if you can remove the pests from your environment. But still take your pets to the vet and get them on Revolution for one dose to clean the environment. Hopefully it will stay that way.Whatever method you use, your body will clear it up by itself so long as you DO NOT scratch the itchy places. That really is the pint of these treatment recommendations. Just try and numb them and get through it until your body heals them naturally.ORTHO HOME DEFENSE MAX aeresolized spray is what I've used now and it's just amazing. Just amazing. Just don't be stupid. DO NOT spray it on your skin. It will cause neurological damage. Keep it off of your skin and don't be around it until it is completely dry. But it's safe once it has dried. And it should last a LONG time.The can of the stuff I used today and I'm already feeling relief from cost me about $5.00.Try it.

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    a thing about itch or bites.I went on line and googled whats binitg me and to my surprise I found tons of people posting their issues which paralleled mine so much. They said what they were going thru and how they handle it but no one really had a diagnosis. The more I read the more I let my head take over and I itched more, scratched more and of course it all seemed to fit my issues so I began to believe I had the same thing they thought they have. I went to the doctors finally and after talking to the doc about my entire story I m quite sure they thought I was nuts as I can only imagine how one would sound to a doctor who was seeing patients with runny noses, sore throats and body aches all day then some woman comes in and says she feels crawling sensations and has bites all over her butt back legs and arms. Of course they wrote me a prescription for some antidepressant and cream and said come back in a month. Needless to say I did not take anti depressants because I am not depressed causing the itchy skin, however the itchy skin is causing me to become depressed so this will not address nor fix the problem.I made another appt but this time it was for the dermatologist. Well they wanted to do a biopsy and put me on a strong anti depressant prozac. OMG are they crazy? I had the biopsy however they chose a small spot on my ankle that I must've gotten that day from some Nat or spider because it didn't itch and it was not the same at the others I was getting. I mean I can be just sitting on the couch and suddenly I feel like a pin prick and then by the time I reach to scratch it there is something there like a red mark. Sometimes its like two dots. I am so into thinking I am being bitten that I literally pick the entire thing off me and am convinced at times that what I got off me is not a skin scab at all but some egg or bug or something unidentifiable. I began to save them in hopes of finding a place I could drop them off to be investigated with microscope or some thing of that sort. I tried to drop off specimens at UCR in Riverside, only to be told they don't do that for regular people. I wrote to the show, the doctors and Dr oz but my letters fell upon deaf ears or blind eyes.Anyway .. I figured I'd do the walk in at the psyche hospital in riverside and see what they can do since two teams of doctors so far think this is all in my head. I forgot what they named it but I looked it up and it means all in my head. Which I know its not. They are real and I know it. I have a picture of my butt with all the marks if you think it will help you figure it out.Let me know and I will send it.I was told by the Psych doctor that he too has this on his skin and its from stress and he has lived with it for several years. I was shocked to hear this and yes I am stressed and I've been stressed before but no skin issues in the past. He gave me some cream and wanted me on zoloft. So between zoloft, prozac and hydroxazine I am between a rock and a hard place. I used up all the creams but took no meds.I figured if anyone can do anything maybe Loma Linda is the place. I Made that appointment and jumped right into seeing the dermatologist. He never looked at my legs, butt or back. Just saw a couple on my arms and compared me to some other patient he saw in the past who had this 100X worse he said and then wrote me a prescription for some medication that requires me to have an EKG so he has a guideline for comparison after I start the meds. He said the med is normally used for people who have tourettes or seizures in which he realizes I do not have those but he was convinced This med was for me. In my head I am thinking that he thinks I am delusional and possibly on drugs. He ordered a blood test and it was for just about everything under the sun up to and including even immune system. Well after the blood work up I had to go to internal medicine for the EKG but they said I'd have to see an internist first and they scheduled that appt for me. I came back the following week and saw a resident doctor. I explained all this to her and begged her to not think I am crazy. She said I need to trust her and to take a med called doxepin.It will relax my anxiety and help me to not pick so I can start to heal. She says she does not believe I am being bitten by bugs so I worked hard on telling myself this and so far I am 60% 40% on the whole thing. Some days I will swear its bugs and other days I think my stress and picking is the problem. Over all I believe its got to be bites because even if I stop picking some areas and start to heal on my arms my butt wont heal at all. I feel pin pricks and itch and I do take a bath at night and shower in the day. The feeling is worse when I am really warm like after the gym or after a hot flash. I have three on face, a few on my neck at the hair line and they are just new ones, shoulders and upper back and mainly butt and sides of legs. None on hands none on feet. I have a hard time sleeping because my mind won't stop thinking that I am some buffet.I have lost weight,then gained weight and I seem to want to just stay in the house and not be around people. How can I find out for sure what this is? Doctors can't really figure out if its bugs unless they come to your house and look.I can describe some of the scab things I take off my skin if that helps you . The skin usually has a small hole in the middle. The ends are like stringy. At times it has black dots all around the middle of the scab. The things I find on the sofa when I feel it with my hand after I felt the pin prick is longated white thingy or a salt or pepper like crystal. Some scabs seem to be sunflower seed size or poppyseed. Nothing moving or alive so my husband thinks they are skin or something the dog brought in. I have found small cone shaped tunnel like things too. I have a few things in a jar if you want those. Can you help me? Please?Joanne

Posted by: Adjie | December 05, 2012

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Posted by: SuitcaseAllergist | June 10, 2011

    Although there are some fabulous ideas above regarding the extermination of dust mites, most are incorrect. Dust mites, like all other living creatures, need two things to survive, food and water. Regardless of what mattress you purchase, special pillows etc, if you are a normal human being, your bed will still be a feeding ground for dust mites. The only proven solution is stopping the food and water supply. As you know it is impossible to stop the food source. Even though we don't like to think about it, humans shed skin as a natural part of regeneration. Our skin is what ultimately feeds the mites. Water on the other hand is different. We supply a bed linen line that is naturally hypoallergenic due to it's unique moisture management system. The material naturally wicks away any moisture on your body or in the air thus starving the mites. Without water they can not survive. As a bed linen wholesaler and retailer we have done many case studies on various fabrics and gadgets, and to date have only found 1 line to be remarkably effective. Healthy sleeping is our passion, so if you would like further information on the above, please don't hesitate to get in contact. Kindest, Burnt Oringe Co. Ltd - Healthy Eco Linen

Posted by: Tarynn Hatton-Jones | March 10, 2011

    Real simple Steam and a great water vacuum are by far the best way to kill dust mites.water will always beat a Hepa system. I sold hepa systems before. Uv light will get the top layer of dust mites, what about deep down in a mattress. I have just started my Allergy control business and did extensive research and that is why I am running a water vacuum and intense steam system which penetrates deep with in a mattress. If your in Modesto, California. Look up Mattress & Home custom Cleaning

Posted by: Robert Westfall | January 01, 2011

    Mike: How does memory foam repel dust mites??? sounds like someone lied to you. or you are selling foam matteresses!

Posted by: donna | September 01, 2010

    We use memory foam mattresses at our Inn, that we bought from http://www.memoryfoamcanada.ca/memory_foam_mattresses These mattress natural repel dust mites, and are really comfortable, our clients love them!

Posted by: Mike Bloom | July 11, 2010

    You can do it yourself! Get rid of carpet and curtains in the bedroom and where ever else possible. Bedroom is most important. Encase your mattress, pillows and boxspring with a good quality encasement. Launder ALL bedding not just sheets weekly in very hot water, make sure those bedding do not touch upolstery, carpet, fabric that has not been laundered in hot water. Use a dehumidifyer when possible. Dust mites love flacks of skin, warmth and moisture! Vacuum with a hepa filter or water filter vacuum.

Posted by: Sidney Roche | May 11, 2010

    I found a list of hotels that have allergy friendly rooms: http://www.hypoallergenic-hotels.com/

Posted by: Jason | August 26, 2009

    i bought a non toxic memory foam mattress from www.myessentia.com for my home and when i travel i bring my travel sheet from www.allersac.com

Posted by: Sue Ann Loyal | April 06, 2009

    Even a relatively new mattress can quickly become one of the dirtiest items in your home. It can take as little as six months for a brand new mattress to reach a level of contamination where it would be classed as needing detoxification. A newly cleaned and sanitized mattress could help to: Improve your sleep, leaving you feeling fresh and revitalised in the morning. Help reduce the severity and frequency of allergies, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, rhinitis, morning sneezes, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and more. Give your mattress a clean, fresh feeling that it has not had since the day it was bought. Help reduce the risk of developing some life-long and chronic diseases, such as asthma and allergies. This is especially important for children and the elderly. Your mattress doubles in weight every ten years due to dust mite infestation. At this rate, your mattress increases in weight 10% every year. Even newer mattresses have millions of dust mites! Our cleaning will leave you virtually dust mite free for up to 6 months. Even if you do not have allergies, your mattress can still make you sick because of the level of contamination from dust mites, as well as the bacteria, mold, fungus, and more that may be lurking in your bed. We can not guarentee better health, or the prevention of sickness, but we can guarentee that the likelihood of you getting sick from your mattress will be severely decreased.

Posted by: The Bed Med of Sioux Falls | July 25, 2008

    DUST MITES AND YOU No matter how clean the home, all mattresses are prone to the same problem. When we sleep, we produce up to half a liter of sweat every night & shed about a gram of skin each day and although we wear night clothes, which we wash regularly, together with our bed linen, this is no protection against what happens to the mattress. Very quickly the mattress will become host to a multitude of horrors, from bacteria to fungal spores and microscopic house dust mites which feed off dead flakes of skin. Is it any wonder that without cleaning a mattress, it could be the dirtiest item in your home? It is estimated that there are up to 2 million house dust mites living in a mattress and in an average pillow, 10% of its weight is made up of dead skin and dust mites. House dust mites find a mattress the perfect breeding ground. With warmth and moisture and no natural enemies, they will establish in a mattress within several months and it is their droppings which cause most problems. These have been medically proven to trigger a whole host of allergic reactions, from Asthma, Eczema and Bronchitis, to Itchy Eyes and Sneezing. Even protective bedding sheets have no effect in reducing problems like asthma, when they are the only measure taken. (source: New England Journal of Medicine).

Posted by: The Bed Med of Sioux Falls | July 25, 2008

    Although its not the dust mite themselves that cause the problem, its the mites excrement. We start by eliminating the source. We use a three stage process: First we start off by using our patented high powered vacuum head that generates high frequency (HF) waves. These HF waves pulverize and loosen the dust mites and their excrement along with any other dust, spores and bacteria that may be in your mattress. These are then eliminated and contained in our special HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of everything it collects. With this type of filter entrapment, you can rest assured what comes out of your mattress wont end up in the air you breathe. After the thorough vacuuming, we proceed to our UVC Germicidal light. Unlike other units used in the market, our UVC light is a stand alone unit. This allows us to focus more on the sanitizing process and it also produces a stronger, more intensive penetrable light. As the UVC light moves across your mattress, the rays penetrate and kill any dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and spores that may of been left behind. Leaving them incapable of reproducing and causing further damage. The final step in the process is to spray the surfaces with our Anti-Allergen Sanitizing spray. Our sanitizing spray is an Anti-Allergen solution containing ingredients that are proven effective against household dust mites. Derived from natural rock and extracts from plant seeds, the ingredients work together by instantly neutralizing and rendering harmless protein allergens created by dust mites. The dust mite spray is not a drug or pesticide. It actually de-natures and substantially reduces the anti-body binding capacity of the allergens in dust mite droppings so that they are not recognizable by the body's immune system. Depending on how severe your allergies, if used weekly this will reduce the frequency that your mattress needs to be cleaned. It is safe for people, pets and the environment. Our sanitizing spray can be applied to mattresses, bedding, upholstery and all surfaces that are washable.

Posted by: The Bed Med of Sioux Falls | July 25, 2008

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