Reduce Dust Mites With Good Housekeeping

The Sun Herarld has some good tips, for reducing dust mites in your home, from a specialist in entomology. The tips include putting your rugs out intp the sunlight, use the vent fan in your bathroom after a shower to evacuate the moisture, and wash all bedding in HOT water.

Posted: January 20, 2008 | Click here for the full story | 16 comments


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    Get rid of carpet and curtains in the bedroom and where ever else possible. Bedroom is most important. Encase your mattress, pillows and boxspring with a good quality encasement. Launder ALL bedding not just sheets weekly in very hot water, make sure those bedding do not touch upolstery, carpet, fabric that has not been laundered in hot water. Use a dehumidifyer when possible. Dust mites love flacks of skin, warmth and moisture! Vacum with a hepa filter or water filter vacum.

Posted by: Sidney Roche | May 11, 2010

    help,big swellings and feel so itchy when slept over big red marks are these dustmites or bedbugsd7bs

Posted by: denise nussberger | March 11, 2010

    well i am still dealing with this same problem for about 8months now.I have washed clothes in hot water wash but the problem remains the same at first i thought i was dealing with a bedbug problem but have found out that that wasnt the case by a bedbug proffesional.It is now believe to dustmite as i have read several artices on the dustmite now.can someone recomend what i should do or use cause am out solutions and i need help with this problem.I havent had any real sleep time day or night please help help help[.

Posted by: Mrs.Jacobs | February 06, 2010

    Try cleaning more efficiently by using a vacumm that uses water filtration.I own a rainbow and they are now certified air purification system and total home cleaning from dust mopind sweeping everything and every thing comes in contact inside the machine with water and traps the dust because wet dust cant fly so you remove it from your home for good

Posted by: chalres | November 19, 2009

    I have 3 small dogs that shed. I am repeatedly bitten when I sleep and I think they are too. They itch and bleed. Been vacuuming regularly. Having the air ducts cleaned help but the eventually return. Ruled out bed bugs and flea's. What else can I do ?

Posted by: Brinn Marie Witt | August 11, 2009

    I've been noticing that using a heat blanket frequently in my bed I started sneezing less. It must have killed some of them. I read about it on this site: . It also has some good videos.

Posted by: Stefan | March 16, 2009

    I always try to keep my home free of dust, and wash my clothes on the hot cycle.

Posted by: April S | April 22, 2008

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