Drug Company Studying a Treatment for Allergies Caused by Dust Mites

Merek drug that helps with ragweed allergies a success.

Posted: March 06, 2012 | Click here for the full story | 13 comments


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Posted by: unqnnxsdv | April 06, 2012

    I moved from Baltimore to Santa Fe about 7 years ago. Allergies out here are a little rffiedent so its hard to say what you will be sensitive to. My wife who never had allergies gets crippled for a week or so every year when the Juniper first blooms. Depending on who you believe,the Juniper that blooms here is the same as the Cedar that blooms in TX and AZ, regardless there does seem to be a great deal of overlap in sensitivites.In town there are much fewer trees and the building canyons tend to blow pollen out in fairly short order but there is still an uncomfortable period (late Feb thru early Mar) but not as bad as out here where we live surrounded by acres of Junipers. I had mild hayfever/ragweed issues in MD but out here I get a little Juniper discomfort but get hit hard by Chamisa a little pale green bush with yellow flowers, I actually call it ragweed of the desert' and it is no fun. It can bloom almost anytime it isn't below freezing and peaks after spring melt and our monsoon season (Sept) with 2 pretty large blooms a year.All in all the air quality is significantly better for me (I have chronic weak lungs from lots of childhood pneumonia), but my allergies are worse and my wife's are a LOT worse. Another issue here is UV, we are close to 7000 feet depending on where you live (a couple hundred feet in either direction) and that surprises a lot of people when they visit.

Posted by: Sam | April 05, 2012

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